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” After recently moving back to the Rio Grande Valley, AMP was instrumental in helping me land job I love.  I work full time for a great institution and my co-workers are awesome too!  I am thankful that AMP was there to help me transition into a new career. “
– Ernest P , South Texas College

” After I graduated from college, I experienced several setbacks and disappointments during job search.  Many employers mentioned that I lacked the experience that they were looking for.  Despite my lack of experience in the recruiting/HR field, AMP saw my potential and offered me a position within their company.  I am grateful that AMP gave me the opportunity to gain more experience in a career that I absolutely love!”
– Kendra G, AMP Personnel Services

” The AMP Team are helpful and friendly.  They understood that I needed to find a new job quickly.  They helped me land temporary assignments while I was looking for a more permanent job.  AMP understood my job needs and were able to help me find a full-time permanent job in the medical field.”
– Michelle D, Family Physicians Day and Night Clinic

” I moved to the Rio Grande Valley four years ago. I had a difficult time finding a job that would allow me to utilize my work experience and allow me to grow with a company. After two unsuccessful years of trying to find perfect job on my own, I decided to give AMP a try. They were friendly, attentive to my employment needs and career goals. Two weeks after my initial visit, I received a call from AMP to setup an appointment and BINGO! I have been working for the same company now for two years and so happy that I have been given the opportunity to grow with them. Thank you AMP! ” 
– Alejandra C, Xcell Orthopaedics